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Hola. Podria alguien decirme x favor en que parte se ubica el sensor de velocidad del chevrolet prisma. Desde ya muchisimas gracias.
ему движок в жопу сасунули
Варочкина Ита
02 Chrysler Town and Country ex after install solenoid pack is there any other thing that has to be done meaning any programming
Would that be identified through a obd test?
Буй Папушев
What a great video... Thanks sir. This was very very very very helpful in my repair.
Sahi he manish bhai
Ikowa eres un crack. Tengo pensado hacerme comprarme un c4 y me gustaria cambiarle los leds a azul.
Have been following u for a couple of years, saw you in this very different avatar today, but just as effective. Saved a lot of time, energy and money yet again today following you.
hahahhahah classic!!! good vid on reed vales but :) hey stu have u got a vid on how to stop extra smokey 2 strokes and what are some corses of the extra smoke im pretty shore mines all fixed now but would love to see what other problems can make this happen! p.s 99% shore mine was oil in the fuel (premixed) on a oil injected motor hahahahah seems to have fixed it but did raise the question of what eles could it be for me!
why r u going to put video but no audio
Where is all this located
Аржанухин Григор
That vtec!!!$
Депп Лязгиян
amigo q podria ser si el velocimetro marca aveses y otras veses no marca nada???
Гагарышева Лила
Очень любопытно. у меня по мере прогрева вылазит подобный стук. Нужно будет катушку потрогать. Насколько это плохо, что катушка стучит? Скоро сломается?
I have the same code P0507 on my 2007 jeep grand Cherokee 3.7. How did you fix the vacuum leak? Is there another video?
You didn't even show the lights, only a quick side shot.
Put a new 100Ahr battery in. These cars are prone to computer problems when you have a less than perfect battery
is it input or output shaft speed sensor?
OMG thanks for this video autozone told me that's what I need to replace hope it's the same for my 2013
I have a Volkswagen Jetta 2004,the speed and gas doesn’t work,the engine or transmission was switched out due to failure, was wondering if this is the same case or not. Would someone please let me know?
Hi Cody, do you know if I would use the same resistor for a 2006 Honda Odyssey front blower motor transistor? Thanks.
Great Video, but how do you unplug the connector without breaking it?
Кен Гырля
No review this model until now from paultan
Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I wish this was the first YouTube video I watched cause this was my problem. I've been posting the following on all the other Rough Idle, Misfire, P0300 code videos in case it helps someone else...: I post this in case it helps someone. Had the same problem (MISFIRE P030x). I changed my throttle body, then tried my plugs, then tried my ignition coils, all of it costing me around $300 in parts only to find out that it was my Crankshaft Position Sensor at the transmission. A $20 part! This rough idle, misfire code can be a tricky one! Try the cheap stuff first my friends.
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