Замена колеса Honda Odyssey. How to Perform a Front End Alignment Yourself - Easy and Free

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Red light district.
Guys did not notice he uses the expressions 'toe in' and 'toe out' in wrong way. While the space is smaller in the frontside of the wheel (i.e. the tire is toed out) he call it toed in. The other thing is that on the first measurement the right sided wheel was way toed out (space between the thread and the wheel was much greater in the back side of the wheel that the front side), he turned the tie rod clockwise which in his explanation should pull the back side of the wheel further in and worsening the toe out. The threads in the tie rod must therefore be of the reverse type because turning the tie rod clockwise pushed the posterior side of the wheel out and partially corrected the toet out wheel. All in all he is confusing by his wrong use of terms although he did the measures correctly.
Do a stretch tire video
Oh really cool.no need to pay $50 for wheel alignment.
Hi I did the alignment but now my stirring well is not centered how can I fix that some help pls, and thank you
If my car is unaliment can I run. Into red light to? Even. No doing. Videos?
Живваева Шынар
HEY!!! I like this, beats the $69.99 that most people end up paying. Appreciate the good tutorial. Bookmarking this. Please keep this up. Thanks.
Well explained
When tightening the locking nut, hold the tie rod from turning... you’re so usually right, I hesitate to point this out, but you undid the correction by 1 1 turn
Картечина Манди
This is the best car I also know that at backseat there is plenty of legroom
Забыл добавить??? А про переднюю подвеску ни слова... у меня при трогании в районе правого колеса стучит...
Danik IV. Приветствую! Просьба, как выяснишь причину - поделись инфой. Себе на заметку.
Put a k20 in it
8:20-8:40 очень сильно придирается
рояль на колёсиках? арба у тебя получилась!!!
Спасибо конечно за просмотр!
Ковылов Намик
on chevy impala 03 why is my traction active come on what wrong?
This is Fooking Daft, but funny!
Дякую тварына
Nur als 4 Zylinder in Deutschland. Echt schade. V6 steht im doch so gut
Таалайбек Лелькин
markechio Sounds fabulous... however the honor is surely Nissan's being that Mercedes is the inventor of everything on the car...
i wonder? is this car still alive? i would love to see if its still around :P
Строй Марданов
how much if any trimming did you have to do on the fronts?
Those 2 screws holding that rotor came off way too easy. Lol btw wooden blocks work wonders
Голощапов Аршак
Awesome, very professional step by step instructions. Thanks!
10mm stud rit and left (),©® c
Toyota concept, BMW obsolescence. Great pairing.
Белер Маклин
How you know
Broooo... I get terrible stomach aches if Im playing games for way too long too for some odd reason.
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