Замена воздушного фильтра KIA K3. FUEL TANK FILTER REPLACEMENT

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Quanto custa este filtro do ar condicionado?
Для гипертоников.Вместо стартера - пневмогайковерт, компресс китайский на 12 вольт - едем и не кипим.
great video thanks. I completed my update last night and in my 300 there is a security steel plate over the forward part of the installation that just needs the suitable security fastening adapter to remove the 3 bolts. You cant get at those bolts without removing the console. Thanks again
What do you use to clean inside the upper intake manifold with?
перше питання Ви з України?
This is the same for an 07 civic yes?
Это тихий ужас, проще двигатель откапиталить, Чем фильтр поменять!!
Добрый вечер! Можете подсказать Где расположен датчик охлаждения на Fiat stilo 2002 год
Video ini di mobil apa Gan?
I have a 2010 and it seems the word you said 'IF' you have one. Mine does not have one and I have front and back A units. Wish it did. This might help  FXrbHY I do this and blow compressed air behind the glove box first with the blower on low to get all the dust out, then perform what Scotty does..
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у меня пропуски были изза отсутствия компрессии.
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Very nice how to video. A couple of things: Use the correct size socket. Close is not good enough. If you check the oil with the front of the car lifted you won't get an accurate dipstick reading. The stick is at the front of the engine & with the car lifted it will read lower than when the car is on the ground. Cheers.
My turn! Cool! LOL
dude you are awesome this worked. so easy. took a little while to find the vacuum line that came off. but it worked so perfectly. saved me a lot of money probably. glory. thank you.
don't forget to check the pvc valve along with the o-rings under the map sensor!
its very helpful thank u
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Hi Ken, I am going from memory here, so I may be off. I think it's the interior ventilation source.
I like that tool you were using.. I saw a place had a trunk liner for yours for $79. I posted that on one of your other videos.
This is the best explanation of the Throttle body response. I have found a modification kit that fixes the butterfly to the throttle whilst still allowing the computer to manage idle and RPMs for other functions. BUT older posts and I can't find anything for up to date info or any clue on how well if functions. Purely mechanical fix. This is for another throttle body but the principle is the same. embedded&v=vUFxl9f9 X88 action=share
Bhai Ajj app shop par nhi Ho Kya bhahar kamm kar rhe ho kya
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