Замена воздушного фильтра Skoda Felicia

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awesome technique...I was also facing the same problem...
... спасибо друг,а я то всё поменял ну ты КРАСАВЕЦ!!! Инженер!?
Привет Андрей! На шкоде фабии1.2 при переклучении передачь зависают обороты,дросель чистил резуььтат тот же,за ранее спасибо!!!
I have a 2002 Chevy Tahoe The blower in rear stop working. I followed your instructions. Instead of replacing it. I tap it and it works. I will replace it soon but as long I don't put the controller on high. Thank you.
Hallo, schon wieder was von dir zu horen Kannst du die Butylschnur auch verlinken?
Гружевский Асак
Very cool. Thanks for the info...
what do you mean???
when you going to do a haled oil and filter change.
Boom. That was easy. Thanks guys!!
Why is there no fuel filter on a 2008 Siverado 1500 4x4 with the 4,8?
*О, норм, только сейчас увидел обзор, Ютуб где-то ролик месяц скрывал)*
Чаян Оствальд
how do I reset it from there doesnt give me much info
Янгошин Юсуп
Nice video thx
I guess the state patrol must have taken the day off lol. Street racing with that many cars on the road is scary dangerous. It only takes one false move.
Your on your way getting this fully riced out.
So far this is been the best video on a fuel filter swap for the Cadillac. Very well done keep up the great work man
Do a manual swap smh what a waste of money
Познавательное видео!!! Теперь я знаю где живут микробы в машине!!! Лайкос!!!
Бренчугин Байрон
Oh ok! Looks so similar somehow ^^ Nice one anyway! good vid!
Аесли перегорает вмомент преключения с4го положения в 3е что делать подскажите
Seems like he did this to sell more mods, reverse psychology and everyone walked right into it great job scotty that's why your the best
Виленкин Починок
Great information. God bless you and thank you for the sharing. Greetings from Pakistan
Thank you for sharing your expertise.  The diagram is the single most useful bit of information you provided. After watching the video, it took me 5 minutes to diagnose the problem and another 20 minutes to make a trip to AutoZone to buy a resistor block and replace it myself. Total cost: 15 dollars.
Козыровский Сайрам
It's amazing to watch this video and see how far your channel has come, Kyle!
Bagus sekali saya ...
Селезенкин Алистар
5:11 What in the world was crawling on your car? Also, great video! I've got a couple of cars I'll look into this. Never did understand nor know what's inside those units. Thanks for the great information!
YOu keep talking about how you can recover the serial, but you never show actually HOW to recover it. Please tell us how?
Hello there sir! I have the 323P 1.3i Pro II and I'd like to ask where do you connect the sensor that goes into the box part of the original air filter? If I simply disconnect it it gives me an error sing on the dashboard.
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