Замена воздушного фильтра ВАЗ 21140. ВАЗ 2114. Сепаратор бензобака.

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for old cars der will be no air filter so below windshield (vent) u put ac cleaner spray, fan full speed & it will clean all ac duct. for new cars,remove air filter, spray ac cleaner,fan full speed & it will be clean
On my wife's Audi TT, the pump is on for about 20 seconds during a morning cold start.  So I have to wonder how much smog is generated because the car is carrying around about ten pounds of hardware that only functions for 20 seconds?  Is there that much 'smog' generated during startup?
thanks. saved a bunch of dollars
I just did this on mine a pita. Used one of those recip saw with the flat blade. I ended up spraying no rinse evaporator cleaner on the coil it was caked with crap. No more dirt sock smell. Why on earth would they not put this in at the facorty is beyond me. I ordered the kit from gm. Paid twice as much but I did not want to get all done and to find out wrong kit... The Dorman is probably the exact same kit less gm pn lol
You could sell the pipes to me
Поликашкина Вьенна
Elle se vend en Algerie?
Scotty holding that plastic filter at first had me like, oh this should be easy...
Thanks for the filter help. I have a 99 Silverado 2500, and the fuel guage has been bouncing around for years. Replaced the fuel pump, checked for ground, no luck. Pulled the instrument cluster and sent it out to someone who indicated he could rebuild it, but in the end he could only replace the led bulbs. Assuming the problem is in the cluster, which appears to be non-serviceable, can I add a free standing fuel gauge that will be compatible with the signal on my pump? Thanks.
Сэу Серикбай
Thank you very much for this video! It solved the startup issues I was having and the car is startup up excellently now!
Отличный и полезный канал. Спасибо за то, что вы все это показываете!!! Если будет возможность запишите ролик о том какие есть устройства из тех, что есть в продаже, которыми можно прочистить систему кондиционирования- вентиляции автомобиля и принцип как это нужно правильно делать самому!!! Заранее большое спасибо!
thank you soo much for this video it is very detailed and very easy to follow not like the other video on yourtube which is all blurry and the idiot jus keep the camera zoomed in all the way where i cant even make out what area hes talking about thankis again
Хлесткин Кузя
0:36 немножко оговорился :) не перед фильтром и МРВ, а после, где подсос=неучтенный воздух. А так серьёзные Вы ребята.
Thank you so much! Dude at a local shop tried charging me $40 for installation
Crush washer on the drain plug needs to be replaced, and never reused.  This video shows the drain plug being replaced without any crush washer at all.  Major leaks ahead.  Bring extra cardboard.
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